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Truth is, you've probably only landed on this page because a friend of yours recommended me to you, so I won't waste your time with all the fluff...

From                Andy Shaw:

First things first, here is the initial product...
Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind
The Worlds 1st Antivirus For The human Mind

The product begins with two books which teach the Bug Free process. Basically this is the World's First Antivirus For The Human Mind.

It works in a completely new way to all other Personal Development and Self-Help books by first identifying and then removing the reason why people cannot succeed.

To anyone who reads the first book of even just downloads and reads the first 5 chapters they are instantly convinced of the books ability to deliver on its promise of certain success.

Then the second book continues the process of transitioning from an unsuccessful person back into their natural successful self before showing them the most efficient way to succeed in life doing what they love.

A video explaining what's in the books is available by Clicking Here

Or full details of the Bug Free process the books teach can be read by Clicking Here

The product delivers as promised and comes with a 6 month 100% money back guarantee... To date we have had far less than 0.5% returns even with an extended 6 month guarantee.

There are a range of other products out now as well and more coming online between January & August 2012 - The current product range can be viewed by Clicking Here And there are further commissions on them when purchases are made later on.

The Current Front End Commission statistics are:-

Earnings per click $0.84
Earnings per optin $4.59
Average front end commission  $27.35

Please note these are average commissions, the more targeted to success your list is then the better these statistics become

All sales are tracked through 1 Shopping Cart

So if you're wondering how EASY these books will be to sell. The answer is very easy, as they are an impulse buy... Sign up as an affiliate and you will be sent the link to download the 5 free chapters. Give them to your list. And watch the sales pour in... what could be easier?

That's the details out of the way... Would you like to learn something about success which you don't know and which will shock you?
  • Have you ever wondered why so few people can succeed?

  • Have you ever sold something to a lot of your clients and been frustrated that only a few even tried to use it?

  • Have you ever wanted to be able to help more people to succeed?

Did you realise that the chance of people actually becoming successful and creating a mere $1 million dollars in their lifetime is just 714 to 1?

That's right just 1.4 people in 1,000 get to be worth a mere $1 million dollars after devoting their entire life to working... And most of that money is taken up by home equity.

Now that statistic is a lot lower than people talk about in the Personal Development World... Everyone throws around the 1% statistic saying how only 1% of people ever become successful... And that people must try hard and believe if they are ever to be in that 1%...

But the truth is 1% is so OVER optimistic when you know the true figure is actually 0.14%... That everyone is effectively lying to people about their chances of success!

In fact there are less than 10 million, millionaires in our world of 7 Billion people!!

But then that figure doesn't make sense does it....

Afterall as you well know the world is full of books teaching how to become successful and hundreds of millions if not billions of books have been sold on the subject of success and personal development...

And more and more are sold each year... So something isn't adding up somewhere... Which means the obvious question has to be...

Why so few successes???

But what does success mean to you?

Do you know what 'text book' Rich is?

Rich is defined as an Ultra High Net Worth Individual and those people have a net worth of at least $30 million dollars. I was one of these people before I went bankrupt and I will be again.

But do you know how many of these individuals there are in the world?

There are just 92,783 people out of 7 BILLION...

That makes the odds against becoming one of them 75,188 to 1

But wait...

Personal development and success books sell in the HUNDREDS of Millions, yet still with all this education on how to become successful only a pathetic percentage actually make it!?!?!?!?

So with all this education available and being taken then the obvious question is...

Where are all the millionaires?

If these books worked then why haven't more people become successful?

This question eventually lead me to my revelation that success books only work for people who are already successful. They can never turn an unsuccessful person into a success. But if the person was already a success minded individual then a success book could bring it out of them.

This may sound a little 'off' right now if you are one of the successful people who benefitted and continues to benefit as I do from these wonderful books... But if you bear with me, I may be able to prove it to you... And if you're not one of those people then you are really going to want to pay attention...

I was already worth millions before I read my first book on how to become successful... When I did I wondered why wasn't everyone a success, as the way to do it was written in virtually every book?

So I begun to wonder why...

It took me five years to find the answer and included me having to go bankrupt to discover it. But I discovered the answer the secret if you like to success and more importantly the secret of how to teach it so that ANYONE could become successful.

I discovered that success is being taught incorrectly the world over...

Now this won't be a particularly popular theory, as when anything new comes out it is first laughed at and the vehemently opposed long before it is finally accepted as self-evident...

But if possible I'd like to circumvent the laughable and the vehemently opposed stage and go straight to self-evident... If we can!

So if you can see past your instinctive opposition to something new and just look at the numbers again for a second then it should become self-evident... And we can save the world a lot of time...

"If 99.999% of people study something and less than 0.001% of them succeed at it, then is it not at least reasonable to assume that the way the thing is currently being taught is not working?"

So the inescapable conclusion is that the way success is currently taught DOES NOT WORK!

The current way success is taught to a world which is desperate for more successful people has left us with a system that has a success rate of just 0.001% or less than one in ten thousand people...

A change was needed and I just happened to be the person who was fascinated by why success teachers had such a poor success rate at 1%. When I discovered it was less than 0.001% I had already finished the first draft of my books.

As I was the person studying success and how it worked and why I had failed so badly after having a string of extraordinary successes I was in the right place at the right time to look at it differently and so I discovered the answers, the secrets to success and how it must be taught for it to work.

On my journey to uncovering the truth about success I made quite a few discoveries:-

  1. That everyone is Naturally Successful - But they have forgotten how to be!

  2. That as people age they gradually lose their ability to succeed with every passing day

  3. That anyone who succeeds still has their natural success mindset

  4. That the success teachers may be successful but that their method of teaching success will only work for the tiny percentage of the population who would have become successful anyway without their books

  5. That everyone in the world has a success killing virus sitting inside their minds which is killing some part of their success in life for them

  6. That if you attempt to load any good software into your mind without first removing the virus that your mind will reject it and you will remain stuck in life - this is why people cannot learn to become successful, it is like loading software onto a computer with a virus

  7. That unless you are already one of the 0.001% of society who will become successful anyway, then every other self help book you read is pointless until you first read and create a bug free mind. Only after that do you have back your natural success mindset and can you begin to load in other self-help books and business opportunities

The reason I can teach this and give value to the people on your mailing list is that I understand a successful person's mindset and I understand an unsuccessful person's mindset.

And I was already fascinated about why I could become successful so easily yet others struggled to even obtain mediocre success... I couldn't find the answer for years, until the world crisis came along and I lost my first fortune... I was able to view the world through the mind of an unsuccessful person. Once I'd seen that it was easy to understand why they couldn't ever become successful...

But I had an advantage, I had a map and after a lot of thought I decided that I could teach success to those who will never get it any other way, I decided that I had to as no one else was and that is what I've decided to devote my life to doing...

I know the world will be changed when enough people learn how to get back their natural success mindset. With your help then I will get these books into as many hands as possible...

I am exceptional at teaching success and my goal is to change the world one mind at a time as that is the only way to create permanent change.

If you would like to help me then I would appreciate your help, your clients are going to love you for recommending them the material which they have been looking for... And of course I will enjoy sending you your commissions.

If you want to know more then there are links above which explain the books and process in more detail... However, the best way is to read or listen to the first five chapters... Do that and you'll be convinced that what you are promoting is of the highest value to your clients and subscribers.

Thank you for your support,



"Andy Is Such A Phenomenal Teacher!"


Andrew Leedham


"...An awesome read"


Andy Sacker


"Thank you Andy, you've given me back the power of my own mind."

Hey Andy!

Since my 'enlightenment' journey began over 30 years ago, and more strenuously in the last three years, I have done all the right things, read all the right books, been to all the forward thinking seminars, and have had some successes. However, there was always that one little piece missing that I couldn't put my finger on that meant 'massive' change/success/money.

I have been putting your techniques for controlling my own mind into practice for a grand total of 5 days. In that five days, 3 lucrative opportunities showed up literally on my doorstep, I made two sales that netted me 1000, have had four new students, and a business deal I have been faithfully working on for the last 7 or 8 months came good yesterday. Now THAT'S PROGRESS!

The techniques in your two books are THE KEY that I've been looking for for more than 20 years. Aldus Camus said.. 'an intelligent mind is one that watches itself" - I always knew that, being an intellectual sort, but I didn't understand HOW to watch it effectively and make it work FOR me. Now I do! 

I'm so so impressed (and grateful) with the results, I have begun to incorporate my learning into my coaching practice and with my GCSE and A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics students. In fact, I'm recommending your books to everyone. And of course I tell anyone who'll listen that 'Andy Shaw is a genius'! Thank you Andy, 
you've given me back the power of my own mind. Kat x

Kath Conabree


"This is truly different."

This book is amazing. It really is different to what I've read before and I've done a lot of sole searching and personal development. This is truly different.

Steve Skowryski


"Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge Andy!"

 I have already started telling people that the day I read it was the day I knew my life would change and believe me, from where I come from, for people to think a book can change your life is a leap of faith. - 

Paul Heaton


"I'm committed to reading these 5 chapters over and over and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!

"Like you I've spent a lot of time and money on personal development programs and continuous learning... only to find that there is still something missing...something that I'm not grasping. I LOVE your step by step process of clearing my mind of the bugs... I can't wait to get my hands on the complete set of books and to once and for all be FREE. Until then I'm committed to daily practice and reading the 5 chapters over and over and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!"

Thanks Andy,  wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Wendy Dejong - Alto, USA